Have An Idea? Tell The World About It!

The 21st Century truly is a time for dreamers.

I grew up throughout the hazy days of the 60s and 70s in America, at a time when, arguably, the American Dream was all but dead.

The idea that any man or woman with the right idea could simply step up and achieve their dream (which usually involved earning money in some way) was well and truly over. The post-War boom had led to a rather squalid period of stagnation with the Vietnam War playing as a rather grim backing music to my childhood. I never felt that my dreams were unattainable by any stretch, I just didn’t have the same unfailing sense of optimism that I knew my parents had at my age.

I had to graft hard to make a living for myself out here in England and it was mostly through a firm belief in my idea, rather than any all encompassing notion of a ‘dream’, that I managed to succeed in building my idea into a viable business.

In a pre-internet world I managed to spot a niche and fill it with my own business, it’s something that I’m very proud of but this accomplishment is by no means unique.

Thousands of people, just like you and me, come up with good business ideas every year, however there are always a few things that stop them from reaching fruition. For many people it’s not a matter of money or profitability, it’s more of a case of perseverance and time.

The 21st Century has so far been defined by creators and individuals that have essentially come from nowhere.

Whilst Mark Zuckerberg might well have had the good fortune of attending one of the world’s finest educational institutes, he was still driven forward to pursue his Facebook idea on his own steam. His perseverance to complete his project is indicative of the kind of qualities that are absolutely necessary for success in today’s world.

I talk to a lot of my students about their dreams and ambitions, many of them cite starting their own business as one of them. It seems like more and more people are starting to grow restless with the conventional way of making money. Simply turning up, earning your pay then going home doesn’t seem to be enough for the 21st Century person any more.

Today, people want to be their own boss. They want to decide when and where they work. Most of all, they want to see the lion’s share of the money that is made.

In order to achieve their goals they’re using all of the extra-curricular skills that they didn’t learn from school and are ploughing hours of their free time to build projects that are completely their own. Everything from college marketing to social media campaigns are employed by the socially empowered entrepreneurs of tomorrow, as a way of pushing their businesses into the paths of unsuspecting customers.

When it comes to succeeding with your own business, the only thing that is stopping you from achieving your own self-made dream is your own perseverance.