About Fayres’ Healing

There are no Experts in the Holistic Healing Field

I’ve been branded as many things but ‘Expert’ is not one of them.


nestorIt’s one of those interesting fields of research that has hundreds of governing bodies throughout the world. There is, of course, many who attempt to brand themselves as ‘consummate professionals’ or ‘ground-breakers in their field’, but I wouldn’t assume to do such a thing. The industry of Holistic Healing is a strange and troubling one; fraught with ambiguity, it’s practitioners are often lambasted as charlatans, fakes or even con-men.

Having practiced on and off in this general field of research, I have often been assaulted with such slanderous claims. However, because of the ephemeral nature of what I do, it can often be difficult to refute such attacks on my professional reputation. As such, after decades of offering my services to anyone who is willing to accept my practices, I’ve decided to cease presenting myself as a ‘holistic professional’.

I can’t offer to heal your ailments.

I’m not a Medical Professional. Your cancer will remain where it is, regardless of the mental chakras I place or the soothing music I play you. Your back pain will most likely linger in the same place, it may even worsen during the time you spend with me at my workshops. Your clinical depression – officially diagnosed by an experienced Psychologist, will most likely be with you for a long time – unless you take a medical professional’s advice. I don’t believe in a catch-all quick fix for physical or mental ailments – I believe in the power of happiness to heal and lift the spirit upwards.


I’m sure that I’ve helped dozens of people over the years, but for every spirit that I’ve lifted, there are still those that I have failed.

Although many Spiritual Healers are apt to claim that their techniques are 100% effective, that their treatment is ‘guaranteed’ to make you feel better – I offer no such promise.

The methods that I use are not medically sound or scientifically tested. They simply comprise of the small set of tools that I have used to raise my own spirit ever upwards. These tools have been honed during my decades of life experience – tailored specifically to my own style of living. It’s not for everyone and I can’t ‘guarantee’ that it will be for you.

There are no ‘prices’ on this site, because I don’t consider myself to be a business.

There is no price that you can put on enlightenment, happiness or wellbeing – so why should I even try?


I’m an old man now – any money that I made, during my long time in the realm of holistic healing, has been invested in the small grounds that I own in this tranquil part of Somerset. I’ve kept enough funds to sustain my physical existence, until my spirit finally sees fits to abandon my mortal coil – hopefully that won’t be for a while yet. The most precious commodity I have left is something that you cannot give me: time.

I’ve not got much longer left here on this planet – but I hope to help as many people as possible, in my own way, before my time runs out.