Nestor’s Journey

baby-nestor1946 – Born in a small village in Michigan, my Christian parents, good folks, name me Nestor – a Greek name meaning ‘one who returns from travels’.


1961 – As a teenager, I feel confused amidst the tumult of the Wars that would shape the way International Politics would develop. My mind starts turning to alternative ways of living.

1963 – Leaving High School with Honours, despite how I appear now, I was popular. Embracing the newly developed free love ideology whilst playing Varsity Football.

1964 – After successfully getting a scholarship to Michigan’s State College, I took a year out to travel the States, where I had my first spiritual experience with a Navajo Elder.


1969 – In my sophomore year of College, Woodstock draws over 400,000 people, including a bright-eyed young Nestor – looking for a good time.

1971  – Graduating from College with decent grades, despite being slightly hampered by brief forays into drug experimentation, I decide to travel the world.

1972 – India is my first port of call – the heart of spiritualism. After getting briefly sidetracked by the first love of my life, I fall into a month-long trance after the break up.

1974 – Moving up through Nepal, spending months with several Monastery communities, I move to China – it would be my home for 5 years.

1980 – Spending half a decade studying the ancient Arts of Zen Buddhism, Kung Fu and Gardening – I return to the Western World a changed man.


1981 – Hearing of Glastonbury Festival, a new yearly event in the Spiritual centre of Somerset, I travel to the UK to see what all the fuss is about.

1982 – After spending a decade away from home, I return to Michigan to discover that my parents have passed away – I remain the sole heir to their worldly possessions.

1985 – During 3 years of wandering the States,  reacquainting myself with the changed World that I’ve returned to, I run afoul of the Texas State Police and spend 3 months in a low-security prison for ‘loitering’.

buddhist1986 – Leaving prison a wiser but slightly embittered man, I decide to take my leave of the United States and return to Glastonbury, Somerset – where I’ve always felt at peace.

1990 – With the money I inherited from my parents, I leave the remote commune that I’d been living in for four years and buy Serenity House, a home for Spiritual Well-Being.

1993 – The first Financial Crisis hits my savings hard, I lose a great deal of money that I’d invested in Stocks, but thankfully have a second business to rely on.

chocolate-box-cottages-71998 – A regular attendee at Glastonbury Festival, Mike Eavis offers free tickets to locals – I take my Kung Fu and Meditation classes to Pilton and start building up a client base of regular attendees.

2005 – After surviving a severe health scare, I decide to take to a step back from teaching and focus on writing music and poetry – I discover new sense of peace in a life more sedentary.

2010 – Given the go-ahead from my Doctors, I look into re-starting classes and formulating innovative ways of increasing mood and well-being.

Present Day – Having past my 70th Birthday in 2016, I’m well aware of my ageing body but feel no need to stop healing and helping now.


Mine has been a rich and varied life – filled with highs and lows – I hope it continues for much longer.