Reach Out

I’m here to help in anyway that I can – if you’ve got a question, just reach out!

Part of my work here in Serenity House is to sustain the long term happiness and well-being of my clients, regardless of how far away they are.




I see no point in raising someone’s spirit upwards if they don’t have the tools or ability to sustain that feeling of enlightenment. 

Happiness is not a pinnacle of success – it’s not a goal that one strives for. It’s a luminous sense of being that needs a careful amount of maintenance and self-conscious nourishment. I make sure to impress this upon all of my class members and remind them that their well being is their own responsibility, however it can be easy to forget this, once we re-enter the hectic outside world.

Before your reach for your phone/laptop/tablet – consider this:

When you left my class you were (hopefully) filled with a sense of karmic well being – optimistic and rejuvenated. Before you beseech me to calm your nerves and talk you back into a state of calm – ask yourself:

Joking aside – this is an important question and one that you should take the time to meditate on before coming to me for help. If you find a solution to your own mental crisis then you will gain an extra level of satisfaction in knowing that you can get yourself out of your own dark moods.

However, if you feel trapped, alone or thoroughly miserable then please don’t hesitate to send me a message in the box below: